What's new in Vehicle 24x7 (Mileage Calculator) 5 oct update

What’s new in Vehicle 24x7 (Mileage Calculator) 5 oct update

On 5 October 2020, a new version (v1.021-73-ged825a2 on android) and (1.2 on iOS) is launched on google play store and apple store. Its a minor update having below changes.

Services: in services now added “type of service,” which is used to specify what is fixed in this service. So there is now a list of service types (brake pads, air filter, etc.).

Graphical reports: added new module named “graphical reports.” This section will contain bar graphs for fuel, accident, services, other expenses, trips, income yearly so that you can track progress in one place. There will be a “performance” tab as well, which will display a line chart with the sum of all these to know what is going up and what is going down so that you can maintain your vehicle.

Average mileage: on Home Screen added “Average mileage,” and this will display the average mileage of your vehicle till now, and you can compare your current mileage with average mileage as well.

Average mileage

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