Struggling to Track Petrol, Diesel and CNG Price Hikes in India

Struggling to Track Petrol, Diesel and CNG Price Hikes? Check Daily Fuel Price App in India

Fuel prices have skyrocketed in the last few weeks across India. In Delhi, petrol prices have touched a high of Rs 77.47 per liter, while the rate of diesel was Rs 68.53 per liter on Thursday. In Mumbai, petrol and diesel rates were Rs 85.29 and Rs 72.96 per liter respectively. The Indian Oil Corporation’s cut in the last two days is insignificant to say the least.

In an age where petrol and diesel prices keep swinging back and forth without any anticipation, anything that can at least give you an idea of ​​what to expect is a huge help. Using the fuel tracker app will help you know the real-time prices of petrol and diesel. Now, learning the real price of fuel is not a huge challenge, but what is cake is that these fuel tracker apps and services allow you to know the relative value of fuel and help you get your fuel for less.

With fuel prices improving almost daily, it is increasingly difficult to keep track of what you need to pay to fill your tank. This is where apps like Daily Petrol / Diesel Price tracker come in, and more. These apps can make your life easier by searching daily fuel prices for the nearest fuel station. Some people allow you to manage your fuel history and calculate the price of petrol / diesel / CNG for your entire amount based on the cities. Let us take a look at such Android app that will let you check fuel price, and more.

Vehicle 24X7 Fuel Price tracker app displays prices calculated based on the current day’s current fuel price and fuel price. An easy way for those who want to keep track of fuel prices before leaving home, the app shows the petrol and diesel prices of cities marked as the preferred upfront for the current day. Users can mark six cities as a favorite to quickly find out fuel price. Of course, there is an option of intensive segmentation to check the fuel price list of all Indian cities. In this case, the application will display the cities in alphabetical order with the prices of diesel and petrol next to their names. Another useful feature is that users can click on individual cities or states to know the prices of diesel, petrol and CNG for the last seven days.

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In addition, the app helps to track the mileage of the user’s vehicle, while giving data on how you have filled up in the past. Users have to sign-up for the app with their mobile number. One feature that many users may find useful is fuel prices at specific fuel stations so that users can decide which to go to, which depends on the cost.

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With daily price fluctuations, the market gives transporters and fleet operators the opportunity to measure fuel usage patterns so that they not only manage but also check actual fuel costs. If you want to know more about a simple, scalable and low cost fuel tracker app then you can check vehicle 24x7 App .

device that can help determine and even forecast your fuel costs, contact us.

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